There is no comparison.

Verdant isn’t simply a work-order program or a document repository.
It’s a comprehensive hazard management system.

What makes Verdant different from other EH&S programs?

Created by EH&S Experts

Our developers have more than 25 years in the environmental compliance industry.

Tracks Specific Media

Notes locations and quantities of asbestos, lead, confined spaces, and other environmental data.

Upstream & Downstream

Administrative and field-level reporting and recordkeeping.

Floorplan & GIS Integration

Associate drawings & maps with materials, locations & media.

In-House Recordkeeping

Manage and update materials locations, data and quantities anytime.

Industry-Approved Format

Reports provided using formats compatible with regulatory standards.

Move from a reactive environment, to a proactive one.

Verdant reduces the load and manhours needed to track EH&S and hazard information,
creating more time for planning activities.

Cost Benefits of Using Verdant

cost savings paperless EHS management software systemVerdant offers a number of benefits to ensure positive return on investment (ROI), including lowering costs, creating operational efficiencies, reducing risks, and more:

Reduced manhours spent on information retrieval.
Eliminate data uncertainty and redundant sampling efforts.
Reduced IT costs associated with maintaining archived reports.
Flexible. Only invest in the modules your organization needs.
Reduced risk management costs.
Built-in cost estimates capability.
Save on reinspections.
Reduced IT costs related to maintaining multiple EH&S platforms.

Our EH&S Modules

Our cloud-based system allows organizations to easily track AHERA, asbestos, lead and other hazardous material inspection data completely online.

Get started today.

We’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step. From compiling your archived reports, to generating a database that grows with you, Verdant has you covered. Request a free demo to see how Verdant can save your organization time and money on costly health & safety records maintenance.