EH&S System Overview

Web-based apps that work together
to create an all-in-one compliance solution.

EH&S Management Solutions

Verdant provides web-based Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) management software for multi-facility clients. Our apps are used by large and small organizations to easily access asbestos and lead information, surface & drinking water data, confined space, and other regulatory records. Our EHS modules can bundled to create a custom platform linkable to other databases and proprietary Work Order systems.

More organized and efficient than a paper-based system.
Save time and money on retrieving current records.
Eliminate uncertainty and redundant sampling efforts.
ehs compliance management software database solution

Our EH&S Modules

Our cloud-based system allows organizations to easily track AHERA, asbestos, lead and other hazardous material inspection data completely online.

Key Features


  • Multi-facility
  • Grows with you
  • Upgradable modules
  • Flexible login creation
  • Add locations or buildings
  • Link to 3rd-Party facility packages


  • Link floorplans to materials
  • Metrics, analytics, and mapping
  • Update data in-house
  • View material information
  • Key performance indicators
  • Cost estimates

Built-In Reporting

  • Auto-generate reports & notices
  • Reinspection functionality
  • Update the data in-house
  • Analytics and metrics
  • Prioritize high-concern items
  • Access archived information


  • Web-based and cloud-based
  • No bulky software needed
  • Tablet-friendly
  • Paperless
  • Goes where you go
  • 24/7 access


  • Encrypted, regulated logins
  • Off-site backups
  • Follows numerous ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53rev3/4 compliance techniques
  • Compliant with EPA and regulatory agencies


  • Scalable
  • Executive-level admins for login control.
  • Field-level logins for reinspection and activity updates.
  • Visitor logins for contractors, consultants, or public records requests.

Something for Everyone

Owners & Administrators

High-level, full access to reports, editing capabilities, analytics, and user creation.

  • Create and manage user-level access
  • Assign specific locations to select users
  • Access full analytics and reporting
  • Generate cost estimates and reports

Facility Managers & Field Staff

Track activities & edit information. View inspection, management & planning info.

  • Data editing and recordkeeping
  • Add locations and information
  • Update quantity, location and field data
  • Generate reports and notices

Read-Only Users & Staff

Quick access to enabled information, reports, and archived materials.

  • Easy access and viewing of records
  • View drawings and photos
  • Access current reports
  • View archive documents
  • View specific material information
  • Read-only access

Guest Users & Consultants

Used when limited, read-only access to specific areas is required.

  • Access limited to specific buildings or areas.
  • Can be used for contractors, consultants, guests, or for public records requests.
  • Limited to read-only access

Access Made Easy

Verdant connects administrators, facility managers, field staff, employees, and unlimited guest users on the same platform through tiered logins.


Create users on-the fly with unlimited or customizable access. View detail on a campus, facility, floor, or room-level.

Field Staff

Interactive floorplans and recordkeeping. Update quantity, location, and field data. Generate reports and notices.

Users & Guests

Create custom logins for guests or public records requests. Limit to campus, building, floor or room-level detail.

Moving to Verdant: The Process

Step 1:
Analysis & Review

Discuss and determine which compliance modules meet your needs, and review any archived reports or data you currently have on-hand for transition to the new system. We can work with your facility base plans, layering critical environmental information for users.

Step 2:
Creation & Integration

Customized modules are uploaded to a web-based environmental management site, collaborating with other service providers, as necessary. We can also provide field verification and inspections to establish current conditions with a qualified third-party inspection company.

Step 3:
Training & Support

Remote or on-site instruction is conducted for users to learn about the platform and how to efficiently access and update the information on your site. Ongoing support is provided from our help desk as needed.

Get started today.

We’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step. From compiling your archived reports, to generating a database that grows with you, Verdant has you covered. Request a free demo to see how Verdant can save your organization time and money on costly health & safety records maintenance.