Lead-Based Paint Management Module

Instant access to lead inspection information, risk assessments, and sample information.

Lead-Based Paint Management Software – Module Benefits

lead paint management software - EHS management software - compliance solutionVerdant’s Lead-Based Paint Management Software module expands our robust compliance management system enable easy maintenance of EPA-compliance or management of facility risk related to lead-based paint with built-in lead-based paint activity logs. Users can monitor and track hazards, historical personal exposure,  and task-specific criteria.

Lead-Based Paint Module Features

  • Tracking of lead hazards
  • Tracking of material location and quantities
  • Track sample information: paint, wipe, TCLP, soil, air, and XRF
  • Activity-based recordkeeping and reporting
  • Accessible, secure web-based system. No bulky software required.
  • Mobile access on most devices
  • Compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Compliance with most state and local regulatory standards
  • Part of our EHS management software for maintaining environmental compliance.

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