Stormwater & UIC Management Module

Access and maintain groundwater, surface water, treatment, and underground injection control (UIC) information.

Stormwater & UIC Management Software – Module Benefits

stormwater & uic management software solution - EHS Management Software - compliance databaseVerdant Web Technologies’ Stormwater-UIC Management Software module expands our hazardous-materials management EHS software to provide access to groundwater, stormwater, and underground injection control (UIC) reports. Easily access, update, and maintain stormwater-related data. Our UIC-tracking software is perfect for facility multi-facility owners and maintenance staff who need easy, secure access for stormwater and UIC information.

Stormwater Module Features

  • Track stormwater or UIC data by campus, building, or location
  • Site drawings upload/download
  • Photo and table upload/download capabilities
  • Access to O&M Plan information for stormwater, groundwater, and UICs
  • Maintenance records tracking for stormwater, groundwater, and UICs
  • Testing information and results
  • Web-based system. No bulky software required.
  • Part of our EHS management software for maintaining environmental compliance.

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