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About Verdant Web Technologies – Our Story

staff4Verdant Web Technologies LLC (Verdant) is an application services provider with the specific goal of helping multi-facility organizations become paperless, gain uniformity, and achieve efficient access to hazardous materials and environmental compliance data. Verdant offers turnkey support: from initial data acquisition, organizing archived data, scanning and uploading; to AutoCAD drafting, database creation, and web hosting services. Our core team consists of industry practitioners and software developers — they have over 25 years in the environmental compliance industry, and know the challenges schools, hospitals, property managers and other multi-facility organizations face when archiving and retrieving regulatory information.

Verdant websites are hosted on a Windows Server in Portland, Oregon. Websites are built with ASP.net and the data resides on a SQL database server. The Verdant Web Technologies data center features the latest modern enterprise level information technologies for reliability and performance. Utilizing the latest VMware virtualization technologies, the Verdant web hosting servers exist in a redundant cloud, backed by an enterprise-level fiber internet connection that has over 99.9999% uptime. The web and database connectivity is secured using industry-standard encryption for privacy.

Our goal is to reduce your risks and costs by creating access to the critical information needed for operations and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance.

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